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55 kWp Roseto Valfortore (FG), Apulia

About the wind power installation:

System size: 55 kWp
Location: Roseto Valfortore (FG), Apulia
Completed: 17/12/2013
Typology: mini-wind System 60kWp
Covered area: ca. 205 m2
Wind turbine: ARIA Libellula 55
Number of blades: 2 upwind
Rated power: 55 kWp
Rotor diameter: 18m
Tower height: 31m
Cut-in wind speed: 3 m/sec.
Cut-out wind speed: 25 m/sec.
Rated wind speed: 11 m/sec.
Power regulation: Passive pitching (blade-angle adjustment)
Energy conversion: Rotating asynchronous converter and inverter
Generators: Asynchronous generators (4-pole)
Specific yield: 2.439 kWh/kWp at average annual wind speed
of 6.1 m/s andTurbine Availability of 96%
Annual output: 134.160 kWh/year
Sponsor: SMILE CAPITAL SRL (Off-taker and Operator)
Legal advisors: Studio Associato Danesi de Luca, Pescara
O&M: PENSATO+PARTNERS SRL (Asset management),
ARIA SRL (O&M and service partner)

Wind Roseto Valfortore FGfoto 4

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