Our aim is to make a contribution to the environmentally conscious future of our world, with intelligent and pollution free green and renewable energy systems that make the utilization of endless sun, wind and water energy sources possible.


> We thrive to deliver a competitive and sustainable green energy supply.

> As a strong partner for planning, implementation, operation and services of renewable energy plants, we contribute significantly to our customers’ added value.

> We deliver green energy solutions that help our customers in reducing their energy consumption and CO2 footprint.

> We contribute to improve our environment and quality of life through innovative integration of reliable technology and provide shareholder value.

> Our decisions and actions are driven by a culture of values, performance, pragmatism, experience and competence.


> We maintain long-term valued partnerships with our investors and customers. Thus we contribute continuously to their success.

> Our business relationships are based on trust and respect. We build and maintain long-term valued partnerships and contracts.

> We understand ourselves as Italian company, thus we always act in the country’s public interest and in respect for our Italian co-citizens.

> We assure availability of state of the art technologies, products and green energy solutions.

> In partnership with other local based companies and specialists we provide EPC- as well as O&M services for our operational assets.