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A lean, independent clean-tech consultancy and investment platform focused on renewable energy projects

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We create green energy investments

The world’s energy future is renewable.

PENSATO+PARTNERS is a unique clean-tech consultancy and investment platform which combines all of the technical and managerial skills needed to deliver successful projects. We develop and operate renewable energy power plants and assets delivering to our equity partners significant, long-term and stable returns at a measurable and low level of risk, since unlinked and independent from global financial markets, economies and marketplaces.

We believe in a carbon- and fossil fuel-free energy future of the planet and we are committed to contribute our part to the global sustainable energy revolution in order to counteract climate change, one of the greatest challenges that humanity is facing in the future.

Trust in almost one decade of independent consultancy and project development services and help us to develop and invest in highly profitable projects and energy assets that accelerate development and deployment of clean energy technologies.